Race Coordinator:

Each year the sailing club buys several memberships in the Lake Harriet Yacht Club so we can participate in their races. Lake Harriet holds races for both MCs and M16s.

Racing Season on Lake Harriet

The racing season begins with the Ice Breaker Regatta on the second weekend of May and continues through the end of September. Lake Harriet races are held on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season. Saturday races begin at 1:00 PM. Sunday and Holiday races begin at 10:30 AM. On a few days races may not be held because of conflicting events or regattas off-lake. Racers depart from the sailing dock on the northwest shore of the lake. Informal races are held on Wednesday nights June thru August and begin at 6:30 PM.

If you want additional information about racing opportunities with the Twin Cities Sailing Club, please contact our Race Coordinator:

So, you wanna race?

If you are interested in racing there are many ways to get involved:

  • Skipper – If you are a club skipper, you can join the races by taking the racing test. Any club officer can give you the test on a club night, or you can email the racing coordinator for a copy. Once you have passed you will be issued a SCUM number and can participate in any Lake Harriet race. Your SCUM number is used to keep track of your score across races. You should always give your SCUM number to the judges sometime during the race (the start or finish work best).
  • Racing Crew – If you want to do more than just watch the race, volunteer to be crew; racers are always looking for crew. As crew you are usually expected to work the bilge boards, balance the boat, and give the skipper tactical information. If you are interested in being crew, contact the Racing Coordinator or members of the Lake Harriet Yacht Club.
  • Safety Boat – The easiest way to get out on the water during races is to hop in the safety boat. In the safety boat (a motor boat) your job is to watch the race. If any boats capsize, you ask if they need assistance, and provide assistance if necessary. In addition you act as a ferry for the racers before and after the race. The safety boat should never have more than four people in it, and when you are watching the race you should bring a friend (getting a boat upright can be a two person job). LHYC offers safety boat training once a year and all SCUM members are welcome.

Racing Tips

  • Boats are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Get to the docks early if you want your favorite boat.
  • Wednesday night races are a non-threatening way to get started racing.
  • Lake Harriet offers many classes for beginning racers, including mentor nights once a month and a racing clinic in June. Check the Lake Harriet web site for details.
  • The race start time is when the race starts, you should plan to get to the dock 30-60 minutes earlier to get a boat and sail to the start line.
  • Lake Harriet racers are a friendly bunch of people. If you have any questions, just ask!
  • If you capsize in a race and accept help from the safety boat, you are disqualified from the race.
  • If you don’t give the judges your SCUM number, you don’t get credit for the race.

Who can become a member?

Please visit the “Become a Member” page for the latest information on how you can become part of the Twin Cities Sailing Club.¬† We hope to see you on the water!

Members enjoy:

  • Access to a fleet of¬†sailboats
  • Abundant opportunities for learning and practicing
  • Recreational sailing all summer
  • Competitive sailing (racing & crewing) with other club members and the Lake Harriet Yacht Club throughout the season
  • Social mixers throughout the summer
  • Chartered yachts on Lake Superior in the fall

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